Writing Intent


At Uplands we aim to provide our children opportunities to write exciting and engaging pieces across the whole of the curriculum. Progressive, stimulating and relevant lessons are taught with the purpose of writing embedded in each task, children are encouraged to offer ideas shaping their own curriculum.

The programme of study meets the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. Key elements of writing are taught within English lessons (spellings, punctuation and grammar) and applied to a range of other contexts across the different foundation subjects. Ambitious and technical vocabulary is encouraged across different subjects and strengthened through reading, children are also taught the natural link between reading widely and stimulating writing.

The assessment of writing is through a ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ task process where teachers identify elements in children’s independent writing judging them as ‘working towards’, ‘expected’ and ‘greater depth’ within their current year group. 

All children are given a broad range of writing genres which build on their KS1 experience and reading studies. Every opportunity is made to make writing relevant to the real world and practical projects linking with the community.