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All visitors are asked to enter school through the school’s main entrance.  There is a security gate which is opened from within the school office. Once inside visitors are asked to ring the bell for attention. Parents MUST NOT enter the school via any other doors.


Visitors entering school to help are required to sign in on the electronic secure entry system. This will provide a printed visitor pass that must be worn at all times in school. Visitors are asked to sign out when leaving school.

Parents not needing to proceed further than the entrance lobby do not need a security pass but must use the system to indicate when they are taking a child from school for e.g. a medical appointment, music exam or any other similar event.


All other external doors are kept locked at all times.  Some external doors have digital controlled access from outside for certain people/staff only.  All external doors can be opened from the inside for emergency evacuation. 


Front and back entrance gates are opened and closed as follows:


Front gate – Opened 7:30 am    

                         Closed 8:45 am – 9:00 am   

                         Closed 3:10 pm – 3:30 pm


Back gate – Opened 8:35 am  

                        Closed   9:00 am 

                        Opened  3:10 pm

                        Closed 3:45pm


Please do not use the layby at the front of school to drop off your children as this is unsafe for others. Thank you.


Please note that the school car park is for staff and designated visitors only and not available to parents at any time.

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