Our Governors 

Structure and Remit of the Board of Governors and Committees


The Board of Governors is the formal decision making body for the School which provides governance and oversight in respect of school policies, performance, staffing and budget/financial management arrangements and statutory responsibilities (including safeguarding, health and safety).


Membership of the Board of Governors


The Board of Governors comprises of the following members


Core                Head Teacher

                        1 elected Staff Governor (through nominations and ballot of the whole                                staff)

                        1 Local Authority Governor

                        2 elected Parents


Plus                 2 elected Parents

                        1 Co-opted Staff Governor

                        5 Co-opted Governors

Associate Governors who offer particular knowledge, skills or experience are appointed as required


Chair: Mrs Debbie Anslow

Vice Chair: Mrs Juli Forrest

The Full Board of Governors meet twice per term. Committees meet on a regular basis throughout the year.



The Board of Governors has established the following committees which meet on a regular basis:


Finance & PayCommittee                                                    

Curriculum, Progress & Achievement Committee

Pupil & Personnel Wellbeing

Health, Safety Committee

Performance Management Committee

Chair: Juli Forrest

Chair: Debbie Anslow

Chair: Rebecca Pick

Chair: Debbie Anslow

Chair: Debbie Anslow

Full Governing Body

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Full Governors Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Finance and Pay Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Health and Safety Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Wellbeing Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019 - 2020 at Performance Management Meetings


FGM - Full Governors Meeting

FC - Finance Committee

PP - Pay & Personnel Committee

CPAC - Curriculum, Progress & Achievement Committee

PMC - Performance Management Committee

HSSC - Heath, Safety & Safeguarding Committee

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