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Extended Services

At Uplands we offer a range of extra curricular activities to enrich and enhance our curriculum offer. All teaching staff lead a club as part of their directed time and their offer links to the subject or curriculum area that they champion. There is a club offer in each year group that all children have access to if they wish. We also offer some "targeted" clubs and a whole range of sporting and physical activities. Some clubs incur a fee in order to pay external providers but we subsidise this for pupil premium pupils. In this academic year the following have or will be on offer:


Art club (for all Year 3)

Singing club (for all Year 3 and 4)

Design Technology club (for all Year 4)

Science club (for all Year 5)

Yoga club (for all Year 6)

Silent disco club (for all Year 6-late Spring/Summer)

Soccer 2000 daily football and sports club

Premier sports breakfast clubs Dodgeball and Gymnastics


Tag rugby

Mullti skills

Cool kids

Bush tribe club

Coding computer club

Maths club


Authorly literacy club

Holiday physical activity clubs


Digital ambassadors

Homework club (created from pupil voice and on offer to all pupils)

Additional outdoor learning sessions offered to all school 

We also offer a breakfast and an after school club child care facility

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Toast & Teatime Clubs

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Helping in School

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Local Clubs

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