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MFL - French

Quality of Education


At Uplands Junior School, we believe that children appreciate and accept other cultures by learning a foreign language and researching about their cultures. Languages education fosters children's curiosity and deepens their understanding of the world. Therefore, pupils study French weekly, and they are given opportunities to express their ideas and thoughts in another language. They are encouraged to understand and respond both in speech and in writing.

While at Uplands, we offer opportunities for pupils to learn a broad range of topics to expose pupils to a variety of language, vocabulary and structures, as well as an understanding of life in France or a French speaking country in relation to that topic. As pupils mature in their language knowledge, they are encouraged to express more in the target language and build confidence to participate in French. The MFL champion is responsible for the overview of MFL and progression within the department, monitored by book checks and assessments.

In lessons, our children take part in games & activities that develop vocabulary, and as they progress, they build their knowledge into sentences and paragraphs. They engage in conversations, asking and answering questions on relevant topics. Pupils express opinions and respond to other people’s opinions. Lessons include songs & raps, videos clips, group & individual work and a competitive element.  They also study the culture of France or French speaking countries, looking at customs and cultures at Christmas & Easter, French Fashion Week, schools in France, French food including food tasting, as well as other cultural aspects of their choice depending on the child’s interests. As they develop their skills, appropriate grammar is taught to introduce pupils to how the language works, including use of correct articles, verbs ending, masculine and feminine nouns and conjunctions. We work with a French Theatre Company to give pupils a morning of interactive and practical use of languages in story-telling form.

Progress is monitored by assessments at the end of each topic covering at least one of the four language skills- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Some assessments are from memory and other are open book to assess learning in a way languages would be used in the work place, using resources to aid the end result.


When pupils leave Uplands Junior School, we hope they will have a love of languages and will have confidence to communicate in a foreign language on topics covered. They will have a curiosity to explore other countries, cultures and languages, accepting that, in a multi-lingual society it is a valuable skill to be able to communicate with others in another language.  They will be ready to build on the foundation they have made when they move on to High School.

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