Online Safety

Online Safety Intent

At Uplands, Online Safety is a vital part of our curriculum as we recognise that Online Safety is an essential part of safeguarding and we acknowledge our duty to ensure all learners are protected from potential harm online (this refers to Article 19 of Unicef Rights Respecting of the Child act). We identify that the internet and associated devices are an important part of everyday life, which present positive and exciting opportunities, as well as challenges and risks, which can affect our children’s emotional wellbeing.


Online Safety is taught throughout the whole curriculum at Uplands, where necessary, and plays an important part of Computing and PSHE lessons. Due to its safeguarding importance, it is regularly revisited throughout the year to keep information and guidance up to date. The Online Safety curriculum empowers our learners to acquire the knowledge and understanding needed to use the internet and technology in a safe, considered and respectful way, and develop their resilience so they can manage and respond to online risks effectively. All children are encouraged to use technology in a variety of positive ways.