PE- Physical Education

We aim to provide all children with good quality Physical Education to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. We improve upon the basic skills taught in Key Stage 1 with a continuation of Dance, Gym and Athletics. The curriculum is extended to include new initiatives through Games such as: Quicksticks, Volleyball, Tennis, Football, Netball, Cricket and Rounders.


From 2014 all schools were provided with Sport Funding provided by the Government. We have utilised some of this funding to buy in the services of Soccer 2000 who are a company with specialist PE coaches. Our lead coach, Matt, teaches the games part of the PE curriculum to Years 3-6 alongside classroom teachers and speacialist PE teachers. Soccer 2000 also lead the school football clubs (after school and lunchtime) for all year groups. In Year 6 all children are given the opportinituy to go on a residential visit foroutdoor activities.


All children in Year 4 receive swimming lessons at the City swimming pool. We also offer Top-up swimming lessons in Years 5 and 6 as we strive for all children to be able to swim at least 25 metres before they leave Key Stage 2.

We have very strong links with two local secondary schools that provide sports coaching, development camps for gifted and talented and competitions to those in Years 5 and 6.


At Uplands we are very keen to provide children with a range of different activities outside of the curriculum to promote and develop healthy lifestyles. We have two playground initiatives: "Huff and Puff" and "Play Nicely". These are led by Year 6 (trained) pupils and they allow children to be as active as possible throughout the day and encourage safe, friendly play with all. We also offer a "Change 4 Life" club to selected pupils.


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