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Organisation of Classes 

The School is organised horizontally by age and each year group has three classes as follows:


Year 3 -  3 Classes (Lower School) 

Year 4 -  3 Classes (Lower School)   

Year 5 -  3 Classes (Upper School)

Year 6 -  3 Classes (Upper School)


Each year group has a designated School Improvement Leader / Year Leader directly responsible to the Head Teacher for the day-to-day work of the children in the group.


Aware of the young child's need for security we ensure that everyone has a ‘home’ teacher with whom a special pastoral affinity is established.  However, for the core subjects of English and Mathematics the children are put into ability groups and this means that they may be taught at some time during the day or week by all three teachers in the year group.


Many factors are taken into account before professional decisions concerning groupings are finally agreed between the Headteacher and each team.  Groupings are, however, flexible with certain obvious limitations and will be designed to ensure that learning is made accessible to all pupils.


Each child's progress in their group is reviewed regularly and parents are kept informed as to which group their child has been placed.


Working as a team there are also times when subject expertise is shared by a teacher amongst the three classes in the year group. Children can get great benefit from the accessibility to the variety of talents, subject expertise and interests which a team of teachers has to offer.

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