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Our School Council is a group of students from each year group who have been elected by their peers to regularly meet to discuss and implement actions that can make the school a better place. School Councillors are responsible for ensuring that actions decided at meetings are carried out effectively.


Aims of The School Council

  • To be an excellent role model for other pupils and to demonstrate our school values, ‘Respect for All’ at all times.

  • To act as a forum for the expression of student opinion, contributing and sharing ideas at meetings.

  • To communicate student opinion to the school Administration for the benefit of the School as a whole.

  • To encourage student involvement in all student based activities.

  • To encourage and provide opportunities for student leadership and organisational abilities, in line with House Captain responsibilities.

  • To become involved in any initiatives that may lead to the overall improvement of the School.

  • To support student representation of the School wherever possible.

  • To encourage activities and behaviour which lead to a greater public image for the School.

  • To work towards a co-operative and harmonious school environment.


Year 3

Connie, Gasha, Elsa

Year 4

Rueben, Sebastian, Abraham

Year 5

Oliver, Rhys, Lucas

Year 6

Grace, Raman, Josh

House Captains

Chosen by their peers, House Captains are Year 6 students who consistently demonstrate a very high standard, in terms of presentation, work ethic and behaviour across all aspects of school. They are good leaders, showing initiative and are approachable to all other students.  The House Captains are expected to be involved in a range of school activities:

  • They will provide student leadership in all school sporting activities.

  • Encourage other students to participate in all school sporting activities.

  • Display exemplary sportsmanship qualities at all times.

  • Wear correct uniform at all times.

  • Wear their House Captain badge with pride

  • Relate to all members of our school community (e.g. teachers, support staff, parents, visitors, other students).

  • Support the School Council and Rights Ambassadors by liaising with them and attending joint meetings.


Elgar Captains – Luke and Cheyenne

“I feel very excited and happy to be House Captain because I know I can set an example to the rest of the school and my house, Elgar.” Cheyenne.

“I felt proud to be selected as House Captain because I am very responsible and can be relied on. I will always do my best at everything I am involved in.” Luke.

Baden Powell Captains – Henry and Karyce

“It is very exciting being a House Captain because I’ve always wanted to help out in the school. I feel a mixture of emotions in myself like pride, happiness and luckiness. So I am very grateful to my house for voting for me.” Henry.

“I am proud to be a House Captain I have a responsibility to the other year groups and they can look up to me.” Karyce.

Scott Captains – Isabella and Mason

“I feel proud to be selected as House Captain for Scott and I am looking forward to the rest of the year doing my job.” Isabella.

“I am proud of being a House Captain for Scott. I will always try to do my best at everything.” Mason.

Royce Captains – Millie and Branav

“I feel proud to be voted as a House Captain. I will work hard at doing all of my duties and being a role model to the younger ones.” Millie.

“I feel very proud to be a House Captain. I will always try to do my best in everything. Also I will show respect to everyone at school.” Branav.

School Council / House Captains

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