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Year 6 RSE

To parents and carers of children in Year 6:

In normal circumstances, we would teach year 6 children relationships and sex education, including how human conception occurs, in this week of term. Unfortunately, given the current situation, we are unable to teach this topic this year. This applies to children currently attending school as well as those at home full time.

Please be aware that if you wish your children to learn about these elements of human development before they start secondary school, this is something that you will need to include in your home learning activities.

This is a non-statutory part of the curriculum and does not have to be taught until secondary level, so if you feel that your child is not yet ready then you can of course leave this until a time that you consider suitable.

To support children in understanding about puberty, CBBC have produced a special episode of ‘Operation Ouch’ which looks at what happens to your body, and why, when you reach puberty. This can be found at the following link:


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