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Well being

Thumbs up Education

Essential life skills sessions

Back in the Autumn I had the pleasure of meeting with Sue and Kath from Thumbs up education. Their company aims to improve the mental health and well-being of young people by putting in place coping strategies that can be taken forward into adolescence and on into adulthood. Whilst they offer face to face workshops in school they have now also created a video programme for their “Essential Life Skills Programme”. I have purchased this for Uplands’ pupils so that it can be used both at home and in school. It matches perfectly with our school ethos and the work we do around Art of Brilliance. You will need to click on the link and then add in the email and password below which will give you unlimited access to 5 video programmes of approximately 15-20 minutes each-the 6th video is specifically for the transition from Year 6 to 7.

Programme 1: Effective communication

Programme 2: Understanding ourselves

Programme 3: Being a good person

Programme 4: How does my brain work?

Programme 5: How can I use my superpowers?

Programme 6: Transition Year 6 to 7

We will use these in school in September but they may be helpful to you over the Summer break and perhaps in response to the difficult situation we have all experienced over the last few months. I do hope your child finds them beneficial.


Email: Uplands.junior@services4

Password: %AccessPassword62$

Kind Regards

Suzanne Webster-Smith


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