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Welcome to the Summer term

To all of our pupils at Uplands,

Good Morning-it’s Mrs Webster-Smith here!

Today would be the start of the Summer term and myself and Mrs Walker would usually be on the gates to welcome you into school. We cannot do that for now so I decided to message you all instead.

I hope you have all enjoyed some fun times with your family over the Easter break-maybe playing in the garden, taking a bike ride, walking in the sunshine or being creative. My 2 dogs are loving me being at home so much and I am enjoying taking them on a daily walk.

Now that school has been closed for 4 weeks in total you may be starting to miss the routine of a school day and seeing your friends. Whilst we continue to be apart I would like you to try and do these things for me every day if you are able.

1. Make good behaviour choices and show Respect. You are all great at doing this in school-the same rules apply at home.

2. Your teachers are setting work every week now-we expect you to complete as much as possible so that when school reopens we can carry on with your “learning”. I need you to keep up with school work. Try to do some every day and keep reading. Set yourself a learning goal and aim for it.

3. Do some daily physical exercise

4. Remember the “Art of Brilliance” principles. It may be a bit frustrating being at home so much but try and do at least 1 good thing every day. Think about how we promote acts of kindness. You can do this at home too.

5. Be thankful and try to see positives in every day-you need to be a 2%er now more than ever. This is a difficult time for everyone and we need to be resilient and keep on going-Uplands will “bounce back “ from this time

You are welcome to email the school address to share anything that you have done or just to chat to me. I am online every day

I look forward to us all being back together again

With Best Wishes and lots of love from

Mrs Webster-Smith


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