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Updates week beginning June 8th

Reports will be posted second class out to you today. The reports are written based on information correct as of March 2020 just prior to lockdown

Cleobury refunds will go back to the card from which payments were made-we will text you when we have issued the payments (before the end of June) The LA are supporting us with this as this is a new process which we have had to arrange-we thank you for your patience

Usually in these next few weeks we welcome staff from each Secondary school to meet with our Year 6 team so that information can be passed over. Obviously this cannot happen this year but please rest assured that all information about your Year 6 child has already been sent to their Year 7 placement school-this has either been through remote meetings or as emails etc. Thank you to the Year 6 staff for all of this work

As yet we still do not know what school may look like in September. We only receive information as a school at the same time as you do via Government announcements. I have planned for September as if it will be normal and we can then make adaptations if directed to. Our teaching staff are going to remain in the same year groups that they are in currently. In the same way that I feel it is important for all of the children to remain in their class groupings for their well-being I also feel that staff need to return to the year group that they are currently working in for their well-being. I think we have all experienced enough changes for now! You will receive a text telling you which class teacher your child will have in September (assuming that we return as normal). This information is also shown below

There is only one staffing change for September in terms of teaching staff. Miss K. Williams (currently Year 4) has secured a new post and so will be leaving us in August. We wish her well and thank her for all she has contributed to Uplands. Of course she hopes that she may get to see her class before Summer –fingers crossed!

In her place we will welcome Miss F. Rahim to Year 4 (4FR). Miss Rahim is the daughter of Mrs Rahim who was our SENCO for many many years prior to retirement but who still works with us each week covering classes and providing intervention. Miss Rahim worked for us in Year 3 a couple of years ago and we are delighted that she wishes to re-join us. She will be providing a welcome letter to her new class if we are unable to meet in person

Our prospectus for academic year 2020-2021 has now been added to the website under the “Our school” tab

New classes for September 2020

Class 3NJH will move to 4AS (Mrs Shakesheave)

Class 3GD will move to 4FR (Miss Rahim)

Class 3SW will move to 4OD (Mrs Devi)

Class 4OD will move to 5NH (Mrs Hudson)

Class 4KW will move to 5KD (Miss Davies)

Class 4AS will move to 5BW (Mrs Beasley/Mrs Wilson)

Class 5KD will move to 6LR (Miss Richards)

Class 5BW will move to 6NR (Mrs Roberts)

Class 5NH will move to 6FG (Ms Gilbert)

Mrs Webster-Smith


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