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Mrs Roberts - 6NR

Hi 6NR,

How are you all? It seems like such a long time since we have seen each other. I hope that you are all feeling OK at the moment. We are now 6 weeks in and I know that at this point we are all reaching our boredom point and becoming fed up with staying at home and doing our home learning. I just want to say how proud of you I am that you are doing just that.

I have been spending one day a week in school and the rest of the time at home balancing school work/home teaching/family time. It has been tricky at times! I feel for your parents – teaching your own child is a challenge. It makes teaching 32 of you look easy. I think I say the phrases, “Would you do that at school?” or “Is that how you would speak to your teacher?” on a regular basis! I know it’s hard when we are feeling a range of emotions, but please remember our motto of ‘Respect for All’ and being a 2%er while you are doing your activities – this is difficult for your parents too and they need you on their side!

Apart from the home learning tasks, what else have you been up to? I have been reading in the garden lots, colouring and painting, as well as spending lots of time just as a family doing things we all enjoy. ‘Isabelle’s Nail Salon’ has almost daily visits from us – including her dad who is currently sporting very fetching purple glittery nail polish!

Jake had his 10 birthday last week. He was very upset the night before as he didn’t know what a birthday without all of our family would feel like. We made it special with balloons, banners and presents – as well as a takeaway treat for tea! We did have family visit from the bottom of the garden who came to sing to him. His favourite thing now is being out in the garden practicing his volleys using his new rebound net! Have any of you had birthdays during lockdown? How did you celebrate?

One thing I have been doing while I have been off is writing your reports and it’s made me realise what I miss most about you all – your smiles! When I have pictured you to write my comments, I see these beaming faces looking back at me. It is making me smile just picturing you all there. Remember smiles are contagious and I hope you are still managing to smile often. I haven’t really been into our classroom when I have been in school as it’s just not the same without those smiles and cheery greetings. I never thought I would say it, but I actually miss hearing “Yeet” and “Kobe” – I must really be missing you all!

I would love to hear what you have been up to so please feel free to email into school and let me know all about your lockdown activities. I miss you all and hopefully we are nearing the end and will be able to see you all again soon.

Keep smiling!

Love from Mrs Roberts x


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