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Letter from Ms Ward

Hello 3SW!

I hope that this letter finds you and your families happy and healthy. I have thought about you each and every day, wondering how you all are and what you have been up to. I hope that this lockdown situation isn’t proving too difficult for you and that you have found some enjoyment in each day.

Unfortunately, lockdown didn’t start off well for me since I became ill. Thankfully, I have two wonderful little helpers at home, who proved to be very loving and caring & they took great care of me. They really helped out around our home too. I have discovered that Kiran can make lovely sandwiches and is also good at washing up. Nathan I have found has a talent for hoovering and can make a glass of squash just how I like it – even in a vase on one occasion since he wanted me to have something fancy to cheer me up! Even though I have been better for a few weeks now, they have continued to help out at home and I am really grateful for that although I do wish that they would tidy their rooms a little more! I hope that you have found ways to be helpful at home – I’m sure that the adults who look after you would really appreciate a bit of help with things just as I have.

We have certainly had some wonderful weather whilst we have been away from school and I’m sure that most of you have enjoyed spending some time outdoors. April was particularly sunny and I know that my children enjoyed having a picnic in the garden and playing outdoors for a couple of hours each day. Have you been able to spend some time outdoors? What have you been doing?

Recently, we have enjoyed going out for walks around our village – rain or shine – and have done lots of chatting and laughing along the way. We look forward to our outdoor exercise and have enjoyed taking different routes and saying hello to the friendly people that we pass doing the very same. Some days we have passed by Nanny and Grandad’s house and it has been lovely to chat to them even if it has been from a distance. Have you been out for walks with your family? We have also used ‘PE with Joe’ to keep us active on most mornings too. How have you been keeping yourself active at home?

Hopefully, you have managed to do some school work each day such as reading, spelling practice, some maths, etc to keep your skills sharp. Just like you, it is important for me to keep my brain active each day and apart from doing school work, I like to challenge myself to complete an ‘Expert’ Sudoku puzzle – my best time is 14 minutes now! How have you been keeping your brain active? There are so many activities to choose from so make sure you spend some time doing some work each school day. I will look forward to hearing about all of your hard work when we are back at school or, if you would like to, you can let me know what you’ve been doing via letter, email or photo.

Take care everyone. I will look forward to seeing you all when we can finally return to school. In the meantime, stay safe and keep yourself positive and happy!

Best wishes to you and your families,

Ms Ward 🙂


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