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Letter from Ms Gilbert

To all of 6FG and my maths set

Hello! How are you guys? It’s been six whole weeks since I saw any of you and I have been missing you all a lot. The days just aren’t the same without seeing your faces and having our little chats.

I hope you’re getting on OK with the way things are at the moment. I think it’s like the quiet days in the school holidays when you’ve got nothing planned, but with extra homework. My children are mostly enjoying it so far, although they all miss their friends. They’ve been video calling or catching up with their friends on Xbox every day. I hope you are staying in touch with your friends. We’ve been using video calls to talk to grandparents and other family. Sometimes we do quizzes or play games. It’s different, but it’s fun to see people’s faces and have a chat.

I’ve been working hard home-schooling Sam. He especially loves maths (yay, like me!). We’ve also been doing lots of making and baking. Last week we made chocolate fridge cake and this week we’re planning Snickers muffins. Not quite as healthy as Miss Richards is with her home cooking! Have you tried learning to cook anything new?

Are you managing to get out and about to get some fresh air and exercise? We’ve been going for lots of walks. Sam is learning to ride his bike without stabilisers; he’s not quite got it yet but he’s doing really well. I’m trying to do some yoga every day because it’s such great way to chill out and relax. I hope my yoga club members are still having a go – don’t forget all the videos we used in club are on YouTube for you to use at home whenever you want.

Another thing I’m enjoying is having time to read. I’ve read three books and a play in the past 6 weeks, which is probably more than I’ve read since September! I hope you guys are all keeping up with your reading as well.

I really hope you’re all keeping well and happy. I’ve been writing your reports this week so I’ve been thinking about you a lot; I’m grateful to have such a lovely group of children to teach. Hopefully I’ll get to see you all again soon.

Lots of love

Ms Gilbert xx


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