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Letter from Mrs Hudson

Dear Class 5NH,

I hope you and all your families are all well and staying safe. It has been a truly strange experience not being at school-work over these last 6 weeks. I have missed the morning chats, the funny jokes and the laughter- most of all I am missing seeing each of you every day. I have been thinking of you and wandering what you have been up to. All Uplands staff have been going into school on a rota basis and this has been rather different to normal- the school is quiet, the playground is empty and classrooms are looking rather lonely. I’m sure many of you are missing school life and your friends to.

I hope that lockdown hasn’t been too challenging for you and your families – I certainly have had varied lockdown experiences –I have enjoyed many great days with my family and our two kittens Frankie and Felix and on other days we’ve enjoyed the calm of doing not very much.

I have spent our days (trying) to support Grace with her home-schooling –which has been anything from really enjoyable to hard work. Being a teacher-mum doesn’t always work! However, on the whole we have enjoyed the weekly movie themed work set by her school. We have worked well as a pair on practical tasks set- my favourite being making an Aladdin style palace out of recycled material. Watching Grace learn during lockdown has made me think about your learning and how you are coping and getting on. What have you enjoyed? What have you found challenging? What have you done that you are really proud of? Any disasters…..? I would love to read your news and catch up with what you have been doing- email school –respond via facebook- send pictures please- hearing from you will certainly bring a welcome smile to my face.

Eating has definitely been one of our favourite things to do – I have become a master chef during lockdown watching many you tube videos, cooking a range of food from around the world. I can now cook a mean Jamaican curry with rice and peas. Grace has baked a lemon drizzle cake and is now trying to master the art of bread making- (……I only wish she could master the art of cleaning up after herself to….. maybe that will come later!) What have you enjoyed eating? Baking? Cooking? Have you tried anything new? Mastered a new skill?

Like many others, we have enjoyed the wonderful weather and our garden, daily walks or on some days mammoth treks….. We have accidentally discovered some hidden walks- paths and vast fields in our local area. It’s amazing how much natural beauty you notice and appreciate when walking. I have also enjoyed reading (I hope you enjoyed Holes), binge watching TV series and sorting and clearing many draws and cupboards. I am part of a few group chats – and have thoroughly enjoyed keeping in touch with many friends and family- everyone has been so supportive, kind and thoughtful. How have you kept in touch with others?

Many of you will be doing school work – me to- I have finished an online course, completed planning for the lock down and written your reports –which have reminded me of you. I am lucky and very privileged to teach such a lovely class- like many classes in our great school. My targets for the coming few days/ weeks are –to learn and master how to play Mario Cart (inspired by Mrs Webster-Smith), more baking, start a 1000 piece jigsaw – buy a small machine sewing machine. I will let you know how I get on. Oh – and I’ve promised Grace I will let her do my make up!! I’m putting this one off for as long as possible.

And finally, over the last few weeks I have cooked and shared many meals with friends and family who have been isolating or shielding- How have you been showing our school values during this time? I hope you have been kind and respectful to your families and siblings- I know this can be difficult at times. I have certainly noticed and realised how lovely people are- even strangers – neighbours, people we see on our daily walks- delivery drivers dropping stuff off- the lockdown has had many positive aspects to it. I am really looking forward to hearing your news and looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. Take care- Stay safe and remember kindness matters.

Lots of Love

Mrs Hudson


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