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Letter from Mrs Gaunt and Mrs Dattani

Dear 3GD,

Just a little note from Mrs Gaunt and Mrs Dattani to let you know how much we are thinking of you and miss you. It’s been over six weeks since we saw you now and it feels like a really long time.

How are you feeling ? Hope you are finding lots of ways to keep busy at home with your families. Let us know what you’ve been doing we would love to hear from you ?

What’s been the most exciting thing you have made?

What’s the best film you’ve watched on TV?

Which game have you enjoyed playing the most ?

Have you done any cooking ?

How is the home learning going ?

Mrs Dattani has been very busy looking after her two little boys Leo and Louis. They have been having lots of fun in the garden, planting lots of new plants, playing games and having fun. Mrs Dattani and Leo even had a sleep over in the living room and they watched Jurassic Park.

Mrs Gaunt is also busy looking after Isla and Joseph. They have been trying out lots of new recipes such as scones, jam tarts, butterfly cakes, chocolate brownies and a massive chocolate birthday cake for Mr Gaunt (you know how much Mrs Gaunt loves cake!). Last weekend Mr Gaunt put the tent up in back garden and the whole family slept outside all night it was lots of fun. Mrs Gaunt only has 1 week before the new baby arrives and hasn’t picked a name yet. Do you have any good ideas for a boy or girl name ?

Please remember to stay safe, stay home with your families and enjoy this time you have together making memories. We will back together in school again school.

Look forward to hearing from you

Love Mrs Dattani and Mrs Gaunt xxxx


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