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Filling gaps in Maths

Dear parents and carers,

We know that following school closure you may be worried about how your child is going to ‘catch up’ on missed learning and how schools are going to close the gap. I would like to reassure you that, along with emotional wellbeing and helping children settle back into school life, this is of the foremost importance to us as a school.

Whereas most subjects key skills are revised regularly across year groups, Maths is very much sequential and previous learning needs to be covered before we can move forward. In response to this, we have adapted the way in which we will teach our Maths units to ensure gaps are closed.

Next year we will teach on a 4+1 teaching model within maths.

* 4 days a week maths will focus on your child’s year group objectives. These will be units where no prior learning was missed last year. All children will continue to build upon their previous knowledge. 

* 1 day a week will focus upon a specific topic that was missed from the previous year group while schools were closed. The idea is for missed objectives from previous year group to be covered over the course of several weeks. Gaps in learning will be pre-filled so that when children come to that unit later in the year, the focus can be upon their current year group objectives and moving learning forward.

I have uploaded new yearly overviews onto our school website. These can be found on in the downloads section at the following link:

All missed objectives from the previous year are included in red font. These will be the objectives teachers will cover in their 1 pre-filling lesson per week.

We will also be looking at how we can provide additional homework materials for you to purchase, if you wish, in order to further support your child in their learning.

I hope that you feel reassured in the knowledge that we will do everything we can to ensure gaps in learning are addressed and that we are committed to ensuring children do not fall any further behind in their learning.


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