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Arrangements for Year 6 from June 1st

Please note the arrangements outlined are subject to confirmation of a re-opening by Boris Johnson

Following DFE and LA guidance we can now outline our "limited offer" to Year 6 pupils who emailed or phoned to say they wanted a place or "maybe" wanted a place. The children whose parents responded "No" to the return to school place or who did not contact us at all last week have not been included in the numbers for this plan.

It is vital that children do not now just turn up on June 1st as this will compromise the safety of all and you will see that the plan is carefully organised around numbers.

Year 6 pupils will be offered 2 days-either a Monday/Tuesday or a Thursday/Friday

The Year 6 area will be deep cleaned on a Wednesday between the 2 groups attending

You will receive a text later this week (probably on Friday) to say which part of the week your child can attend

We cannot take individual requests for groupings or parts of a week

Year 6 pupils to arrive at 9:15am-access through the front gate-this is after Key Worker children have arrived

There is to be no mixing on the playground-pupils will come straight into school and your text will inform you through which door they must enter-this will be different for each group

Collection will be at 3:30pm-again from the front gate only-parents are asked to queue (whilst observing social distancing) at the pedestrian gate and a member of the office team or staff will dismiss your child to you

There is no access to the car park for parents from June 1st

Pupils will be grouped in "bubbles" of between 10 and 15 pupils (awaiting final confirmation on capping of group sizes from LA-most likely to be 10)

They will spend the whole day with their bubble and cannot mix with any other children from Year 6 or key worker groups

They will work, play and eat lunch with their bubble group

The same team of staff are assigned to each bubble group for each week-staff cannot mix with other groups

Year 6 may wear casual, comfortable clothing

Year 6 pupils will need to bring a packed lunch-there will be no hot food or access to the dining room (because we cannot mix the groups and key worker pupils will be using this area)

Year 6 do not need to bring any equipment from home and no reading book-just their packed lunch

Each day they will be reminded about social distancing within their group and good hand hygiene

Any equipment such as ipads will be wiped down after use

Children are not required to wear masks or gloves

We have a good stock of soap, paper towels and hand gel

We are not able to provide Toast or After school club to Year 6 (again because of the mixing of groups)

If there is a Year 6 pupil who is also a key worker pupil they need to decide which group they are going to be a part of-they cannot be in both

Parent scan opt not to send their child-there are no sanctions or fines

Children will be taught but this may not be by their class teacher or may not be in their class room.

Home learning will continue to be provided for all year groups including Year 6

Year 6 attending school will also use the home learning materials plus staff will have some additional lessons prepared

School is closing for half term but a member of SLT will be in each day this week if you have questions

If you said "Yes" to a place and have now changed your mind please can you inform school by Friday of this week

A text will be sent on Friday telling you which days for your child and which door they need to enter through

If you are sending your child (because you booked a place) please can you discuss these arrangements with them so they are mentally prepared for a very different look and feel to school

Thank you so much for all your support

Suzanne Webster-Smith


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