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Arrangements for feedback to parents/carers

Following discussions with the LA, I am now in a position to outline how we will be providing feedback to you this term as we are unable to hold a traditional Open evening. Under current restrictions you will understand that we cannot invite parents/carers on to the school site to speak with staff or look at work. We do look forward to a time when we can welcome you back into school.

From Monday 25th January in the three weeks leading up to half term teaching staff will be making a phone call home. The purpose of the call is to talk to a parent/carer and discuss the following points:

· Your child’s well-being

· Feedback on the Autumn term and your child’s attainment and progress. Information will be given about where your child was attaining just prior to lockdown in relation to “age related expectations”

· Behaviour and attitude of your child over the Autumn term

· Current engagement with remote learning

Each call will last 10 minutes and we ask that you support us in adhering to this time in order to facilitate us speaking with all parents.

If you are unavailable when the teacher calls you will receive a call back at another time. If after 2 calls the teacher has not been able to speak with you we will send a text and ask you to contact school.

For Year 6 parents as you are aware SATS for 2021 have been cancelled. As yet there is no further information from the Government about anything we may be required to do. Staff will continue to teach their full curriculum and assess in the usual ways on their return to school. Information about attainment, progress, strengths and areas of development will be passed on to Secondary schools as we would do normally. I am working closely with the LA on Year 6/7 transition arrangements.

May I remind you that our remote learning offer is detailed in the “Remote Learning guide” published on our website homepage under the Google classroom tab on the left hand side. This will answer many of the questions that you may have along with the “Frequently asked questions” that myself and the Chair of Governors put together (Parent tab-then News/Updates). We ask that you do not use your telephone call time from your child’s class teacher to discuss our offer as this time is to be a focus on your child’s attainments. Many schools in the LA have selected Google classrooms as their remote learning platform -there are parents tutorials on our website that Mrs Beasley has produced and on our Facebook page you will see that Walsall college are offering a free short course for parents. I do thank you for the overwhelming support that we have had from parents regarding our remote learning offer.

Suzanne Webster-Smith


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