House Captains

Chosen by their peers, House Captains are Year 6 students who consistently demonstrate a very high standard, in terms of presentation, work ethic and behaviour across all aspects of school. They are good leaders, showing initiative and are approachable to all other students.  The House Captains are expected to be involved in a range of school activities:

  • They will provide student leadership in all school sporting activities.

  • Encourage other students to participate in all school sporting activities.

  • Display exemplary sportsmanship qualities at all times.

  • Wear correct uniform at all times.

  • Wear their House Captain badge with pride

  • Relate to all members of our school community (e.g. teachers, support staff, parents, visitors, other students).

  • Support the School Council and Rights Ambassadors by liaising with them and attending joint meetings.


House Captains